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Q. How do I submit my blog here?
A. Simple! Use the submit page to include your blog in the list here. We will take a few days to manually verify your submissions to make sure that it is a genuine DoFollow blog

Q. How can I remove my blog from the list here?
A. Just send a mail to us via the contact form. Please use your blog domain email address (e.g. while contacting us so that we can verify your interest to delist

Q. What is the best way to find the blogs that I need to comment?
A. You can either browse the categories or search for your tags. Searching is always recommended as categories are likely to change from time to time.

Q. Don't you think this whole dofollow movement has caused more spam in the blogosphere?
A. It is a Win-Win situation, if you are making relevant comments. The dofollow blogs get more traffic and comments while the commenters get a quality backlink. Also, all links on this directory are do follow links that further helps the lited blogs. A directory like Do Follow Blogs is not promoting spam of any kind but we are creating a free platform that can be beneficial for all, if used judiciously.

Q. Are DoFollow links really beneficial in the long term?
A. Nobody has any clue. The search engines might change their ranking logic in the future. Regardless of whether a link is dofollow or not, 'backlinks authority' in general is one of the major criteria that decides your search authority.

Q. Why don't you have a sign up process here?
A. This is a platform where the dofollow blogs data come in from multiple sources such as visitor submissions, our own crawl engine and manual additions. We thought about the sign up process, but that wasn't going to get entries of this magnitude.

Q. How can I change the description of my blog listing?
A. At the moment, you have to manually send us a mail via the contact form