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Privacy Policy

At Do Follow Blogs list, protecting our user's privacy and security is of atmost importance. You may read the following before using this site.


This policy applies to and does not apply to other 'entities' or 'organizations' or 'web sites' that are linked from here. You may carefully read and review the privacy policies of those web sites in order to judge how their policies can affect you and the personal information that you may provide.

Data Collection

When you submit your entries here or contact us via the contact here, we may gather your personal information such as email address and your name and in some cases your IP address. We will not share any information about you to any outside company or third party.

Spam Policy

We do not promote nor tolerate spam of any kind and please read the respective spam and/or comment policies of the sites or blogs that are linked from here before attempting any comments there. We are not responsible for any ban that you might receive from those websites for infringing their policies.

Submissions received on the web can be anonymous at times and hence we are not responsible if your blog or website was submitted here by somebody else. As a webmaster or blogger, if you wish to remove your listing on this website, you are free to do so by contacting us.